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What is your greatest ability?

To all service professionals out there, what is your greatest ability? Are you the best lawyer, accountant, realtor, engineer in the whole world? Probably not. This sounds like a sports cliche, but it holds true in real life. "Your best ability is your availability."

Recently, I was in need of sound business legal advice. I contacted every attorney I knew, and every one within 10 miles of my home. Many were on vacation, and many simply never returned emails, texts, or phone calls. This went on for weeks.

I was finally able to obtain to communicate and obtain excellent legal advice from someone who picked up the phone on the first ring, and took the time to understand my goals and my fears.

Question - was this person the best attorney in the world? Probably not. Was he the best attorney in the world for me when I needed it the most? Absolutely.

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