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Cloud Accounting

In today's economy, many entrepreneurs need to access their data from anywhere on any device.  Gone are the days when you take a day's worth of invoices and bills home and key them into QuickBooks.  Today's accounting systems need to be intelligent, and they need to save the user both time and money.  Today's accounting systems also need to be able to collaborate with other partners, or other systems, such as payroll, billing, time management, e-commerce, etc.  


There are a few products are the market that can accommodate the on-demand needs of today's business owners.  Xero is my preferred product of choice.  I am a Xero-certified advisor, and I have watched Xero simplify the lives of numerous business owners over the last three years.  It helps with planning, compliance, budgeting, payroll, and provides internal controls that are necessary to prevent fraud and theft.


Please contact me to discuss how cloud-based accounting can strengthen your bottom line, and help you sleep better at night.

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